No Substitutions

Hideout Appetizer Platter 10.99
Jalapeño poppers, potato skins, mozzarella cheese sticks, breaded mushrooms & hot or mild wing dings


Homemade Spinach & Artichoke Dip 7.99
Served with pita bread or tortilla chips

Southwestern Eggrolls 8.99
A blend of chicken, beans, corn, cheese & rice, served with sour cream & salsa

Homemade Potato Skins 6.99
Topped with bacon & cheddar

Chicken Strips 7.99
Tender white meat & deep-fried, served with your choice of dipping sauce

Jalapeño Poppers 6.99
Filled with cream cheese

8 Wing Dings 8.99
Choice of plain, hot or BBQ. Served with celery & carrots
12 Wing Dings 10.99
16 Wing Dings 13.99

Homemade Spinach & Artichoke Dip 7.99
Served with pita bread or tortilla chips

Southwestern Eggrolls 8.99
A blend of chicken, beans, corn, cheese & rice, served with sour cream & salsa

Homemade Potato Skins 6.99
Topped with bacon & cheddar

Breaded Mushrooms 6.99
Mini Tacos 6.99
Basket of Onion Rings 4.59
Basket of Seasoned Fries 4.69
Mozzarella Sticks 5.99
Basket of Fries 3.59
Butterfly Shrimp 6.99
Chips & Salsa 4.99

Garden Path

Served with Pita Bread. Made with homestyle mixed greens.
Dressings: Ranch, 1000 Island, Italian, Greek, Honey Mustard or Blue Cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad 9.99
Romaine lettuce, tomatoes & croutons with grilled chicken breast

Greek Salad 8.99
Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, yellow peppers, onions, Greek olives & feta cheese with Greek dressing

Hideout Signature Salad 9.99
Marinated chicken breast, bacon, mixed greens, blue cheese, onions, tomatoes & croutons, served with our basil balsamic dressing on the side

Fried Chicken Salad 8.99
Hand-breaded chicken tenders with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons & hard boiled egg

Cobb Salad 9.99
Marinated chicken breast with chopped bacon, blue cheese, green peppers, hard boiled egg on a bed of mixed greens


Antipasto Salad 8.99
Mixed greens, ham, salami, tomatoes, yellow peppers, black olives & Swiss cheese


Tossed Salad 4.99


Creamy Homestyle Cole Slaw 2.29
Onion Rings 2.99
French Fries 2.59
Seasoned Waffle Fries 2.99
Baked Potato 2.99
Chili Fries 3.59
Add cheese for 55¢

Loaded Baked Potato 4.99
With cheese, bacon & sour cream
Pita Bread 1.79
Jalapeño Peppers .99
Salsa .50
Sour Cream .50
Salad Dressing .50

1/2 Lb. Burgers

Includes Fries. Our burgers are served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles & mayo upon request

Build-Your-Own Burger 8.99

Add 55¢/ea: American, Swiss or Cheddar Cheese

Add 85¢/ea: Feta, Blue Cheese, Mozzarella
Jalapeños, Mushrooms, Grilled Onions, Green Olives, Black Olives

Add 1.00/ea:
Fried Egg or Chili

Add 1.99/ea:
Bacon or Ham

The Hot Blue Burger 9.99
Our signature burger!  Loaded up with green olives, jalapeños, sautéed onions, blue cheese & Grey Poupon mustard


Hideout Burger 9.99
With lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo & mustard

Jalapeño Burger 9.99
Topped with sautéed onions, jalapeño peppers, ketchup & mayo


Reef’s Special 7.99
Chopped hand-breaded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo mixed together, topped with melted Swiss & served on pita bread. With ranch instead of mayo add 50¢

Italian Chicken Sandwich 7.99
Grilled chicken with tomato sauce & provolone cheese

Chicken Cordon Bleu 7.99
Hand-breaded chicken with ham & Swiss

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 6.99
Hand-dipped in hot sauce & served on a bun with a side of blue cheese

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 6.99
Marinated chicken breast

Slim James 7.99
Ham, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese & tartar sauce

Tuna Sandwich 6.99
Albacore tuna salad with lettuce on toast

Tuna Melt 7.99
Albacore tuna salad with melted Swiss cheese on grilled rye

Gyro 7.99
Seasoned lamb, tomatoes, onions & our homemade gyro sauce in a pita

Chicken Gyro 7.99
Marinated chicken with tomatoes, onions & homemade gyro sauce in a pita

Chicken Salad Sandwich 6.99

1 lb. Wet Burrito 8.99
Beef & chili burrito with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños & cheese, served with salsa & sour cream

Chicken Pita 7.99
Sliced grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes & mayo

Patty Melt 7.99
Burger patty with sautéed onions & Swiss cheese on grilled rye

Fish Sandwich 7.99
Hand cut & beer battered fish (2 pieces)

2 Coneys with Fries 6.99
Smothered chili, mustard, onions,

We're Stacked

Reuben 9.99
Tender corned beef with Swiss cheese & sauerkraut on grilled rye

Turkey Reuben 9.99
Shaved turkey breast with cole slaw & Swiss on grilled rye

The Hideout Club 9.99
A huge stacker with lean turkey, ham, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, Swiss & American cheese

Big B.L.T. 7.99
A 1/2 lb. of crispy bacon with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo & American cheese


Served with potato chips

Cold Turkey or Ham Sandwich 7.99
With lettuce, tomatoes, mayo & American cheese

Chicken Club 7.99
Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, pickles & Swiss

1/2 lb. Corned Beef on Rye 7.99
A 1/2 lb. lean corned beef on grilled rye bread • Add cheese 50¢


Served with potato chips

Ham & Cheese 6.99
Bacon & Cheese 6.99
Grilled Cheese 4.99
Grilled Meatloaf & Cheese 7.99

Tuna Wrap 7.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap 7.99
Chicken Salad Wrap 7.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap 7.99

Hideout Favorites

Served with cole slaw, (choice of soup or salad - 1.00 extra) and baked potato, french fries, rice or vegetable

Chicken Strip Dinner 10.99
Chicken breast, hand-breaded & fried to a golden brown

Wing Ding Dinner 9.99
Served plain, hot or BBQ

Chicken Kabob Dinner (2 Skewers) 10.99
Marinated chicken, onions & green peppers,
served with rice with tomato sauce & pita bread

Fish & Chips (Daily) 10.99
Hand cut & beer battered fish

All-U-Can-Eat (Fridays Only) 12.99
Hand cut & beer battered fish, served with fries
(dine-in only • no carryout)

Shrimp Dinner 9.99
A butterfly shrimp feast fit to please the most discriminating diner!

Chicken Stir Fry (no sides included) 10.99
Veggie Stir Fry (no sides included) 8.99

Build-Your-Own Pizza

Choice of Toppings: Pepperoni, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Ham, Ground Beef, Banana Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Extra Cheese, Feta Cheese, Extra Sauce & Garlic Crust
Homemade Dough made daily

Build Your Own Pizza
Additional Veggies (each)
Additional Meats (each)


With ham, bacon & pineapple

Meat Lover’s
Pepperoni, ham, bacon & Italian sausage

BBQ Chicken
Grilled marinated chicken, bacon, onions, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce & cheese

House Mediterranean
Grilled marinated chicken, onions, tomatoes, black & green olives, banana peppers & feta cheese

Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes & banana peppers

Personal Pizza
With 1 topping
















Choice of: Marinara, Ranch, or Italian

Cheeseburger Calzone 8.99
Seasoned Beef with Melted American Cheese. Includes Lettuce, Tomato, Onions & Pickle

Club Calzone 8.99
Ham, Oven Baked Turkey & Salami, American and Swiss Cheese. Includes Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Banana Peppers

Pizza Calzone 8.99
Homemade Pizza Sauce, Pepperoni & Mozzerella Cheese

Bar-B-Que Chicken Calzone 9.99
Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Onion, & BBQ Sauce

Build Your Own Calzone 7.99
Includes any 2 toppings including cheese.
(Each additional Topping   Add $1.00)

Turkey Bacon Calzone 8.99
Oven Baked Turkey, Bacon & Swiss. Includes Lettuce & Tomato

Veggie Calzone 7.99
Black Olives, Green Olives, Tomato, Onions, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms with American & Swiss Cheese. Includes Lettuce

Italian Calazone 9.99
Ham, Salami, Cheese, Tomato, onions and banana peppers